Smart Mobile Temperature Disinfection Channel
Smart Mobile Temperature Disinfection Channel
Smart Mobile Temperature Disinfection Channel

Smart Mobile Temperature Disinfection Channel

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Key Features of Smart Mobile Temperature Disinfection Channel 

  1. Temperature measurement module:

Adopts German infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement module, which is faster and more accurate than ordinary infrared temperature measurement module;

  1. Face recognition module:

(1) 13-inch large screen, using high-definition dynamic face recognition camera, 20,000 large-capacity list storage capacity, cloud data storage, big data analysis is more at ease;

(2) It has expandable functions such as blacklist management and attendance control.

(3) The interface voice can be customized according to different countries.

  1. Disinfection module:

(1) The 100L large-capacity super-large water tank avoids the trouble of adding disinfectant solution too frequently, and can be used continuously for 33-40 hours in the long-open state.

(2) Atomization and disinfection, with automatic induction spray function, more saving and reducing consumption.

(3) Three 360-degree rotatable three-dimensional mist spray nozzle outlets to avoid direct injection of human head, disinfect the upper and lower spaces at the same time, more disinfect the feet, disinfect more efficient and thorough

(4) Automatic hand disinfection of hands to prevent cross infection

  1. Channel module:

(1) The whole body of the channel is integrally formed, beautiful and atmospheric, super large internal space, the water tank area and the temperature measurement area are completely separated, and it is safer and more comfortable to enter and exit

(2) The entrance and exit passages are provided with up and down foldable ramps, humanized design, more safe and convenient up and down;

(3) It comes with a brake universal wheel and follows the stop and follow;

(4) The bottom of the waste liquid is collected, and the waste liquid is released through the safety valve switch, which is more safe and environmentally friendly.





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