DM60-WS1+ Thermal Scanner
DM60-WS1+ Thermal Scanner
DM60-WS1+ Thermal Scanner

DM60-WS1+ Thermal Scanner

Innocity Solutions Pte Ltd

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Thermal Imaging Camera designed to monitor Human Body Temperature.

 Noted: The data can not use for medical purpose.


. Description:

DM60-WS1 PLUS thermal imaging body temperature warning system is composed of a thermal imaging camera, a HD visible light camera, and a precision built-in black body. The system combines thermal imaging non-contact long-distance, wide-range temperature measurement technology, face recognition, face temperature detection, Al artificial intelligence and other technologies. The system is easy to assemble (no need for external black body), suitable for early warning of rapid temperature screening at entrances and exits in commercial complexes, stations, schools, hospitals, communities, and scenic spots.

Simultaneous temperature detection of multiple faces, simultaneous alarm of multiple persons over temperature, support for face recognition, face alarm, recognition comparison, and real-time face capture.


Ⅱ. Feature:

  • Flexible assembling
  • No external black body, not restricted by site
  • Early warning and automatic photo capture
  •  Real-time recording
  •  Fast, accurate and stable
  •  Fast sensing, no need to stop for measuring
  •  Temperature measurement accuracy is ≦ 0.3°C
  •  7 X 24 hours stable working
  •  Long distance, non-contact
  •  Large flow fast screening




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