No more grab and turn, just pull and push!
The push-pull door handle mechanism makes it easier to open and close the door than ever before.

  • Perfect security using the state-of-the-art personal fingerprint scanning method

    Convenient authentication methods aimed to reduce worry over key loss or password hacking, this state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition system increases safety and security. Enhancing user convenience with easy door opening and closing access feature, the key pad panel is covered automatically after pressing the door's center open lock button thereby enhancing the security of the fingerprint identification panel. Able to register and recognize 100 fingerprints,this secure smart door lock system can as well be utilized for small and medium companies.

  • Dual password and fingerprint scanning input : Double Authentication Mode

    With the Double Authentication Mode setting, home security is strengthened and allows for greater security access. Door opening access requires two authentication verifications; both password and fingerprint system input therefore it is safer and more secure.
    ※ It is imperative that while the Double Authentication Mode is on, you do not forget the password.

  • Welcome feature for Users

    The equipped IR sensor automatically activates the Welcome Feature, once the sensor detects any motions within the range of 70cm.

  • Locking Notification Feature

    The door dock automatically notifies their status on the touch panel, displaying messages like ‘Locked’ and ‘Unlocked’, which adds value to the daily usage experiences.