The difference between TE-W300 & TE-W400H &DM-WS1 & DM-W3-S

Accuracy: TE-W300 is ≤±0.6 degree, TE-W400H, DM-WS1 & DM-W3-S is ≤±0.3 degree.
Black body: TE-W400H, DM-WS1 & DM-W3-S both have black body but TE-W300 does not.
Face recognition: DM-WS1 & DM-W3-S both have face recognition function but TE-W300 & TE-W400H do not.
Portable: TE-W300 & TE-W400H can be hand held and put on tripod but DM-WS1 & DM-W3-S only can out on tripod.
Face numbers: DM-WS1 is able to detect 4 people at same time and DM-W3-S is 6.
Resolution: TE-W300 is 160x120, TE-W400H is 384x288, DM-WS1 is 160x120 & DM-W3-S is 384x288.
Measurement distance: TE-W300 & TE-W400H are 2-5m, DM-WS1 is 1-3m & DM-W3-S is 3-10m.
FOV: TE-W300 & TE-W400H are 25°x19°,DM-WS1 is 40°x30° & DM-W3-S is 20°x17°.
Attendance function: DM-WS1 & DM-W3-S both have attendance function but TE-W300 & TE-W400H do not.


Solution: Automatic Thermal Temperature Measurement and Screening system

Staff required for system: 1 staff

Ease of set up: Single man set up

SOP for identifying high temp: We have 3 way to alter the high temp
1)Sound alarm
2)Colour alarm(red colour) on the person face
3)Auto capture the person imaging or record the video if the person has high temp


The Packing Details:

TE W1(W300) and TE W2(W400H) :

52x43x30mm, 5.95kg, 3.5kg, 0.07cbm.

DM-WS1 & DM-W3-S: 

67x27x31cm, 10kg.

2 Tripods:

80x12x12cm, 3.35kg; 94x10x10cm, 1.65kg.